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Almond 1 Kg


Almond (Prunus dulcis) is a small tree species whose fruit can be eaten from the Prunoideae subfamily of the Rosaceae family. Almond is the fruit of this tree.

Unlike other members of the Prunus genus (for example, plums and cherries), the fruit does not have a sweet, fleshy outer environment. Instead, it is covered with a leathery covering, inside which is the edible core, covered with a hard shell. This part is consumed as dried frui

Almond 1 Kg

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  •              ALMOND

    Flavor: Typical pleasant almond flavor, Mildly astringent.
    Color: Medium tan/brown.
    Sizes Available: 18-20, 20-22. 22-24. 23-25. 25-27, 27-30, 30-32, 32-34
    Moisture: Max 6 %
    Purity: Around 99.00 %
    Broken almond: Max5 %
    Bad almond of obscure: 5%
    Aflatoxins: Max 5PPB

    Salmonella: Negative/375g
    Aflatoxin: <20 ppb
    Calories: 645 kcal
    Calories from Fat: 485 kcal
    Total Fat: 53.9g
    Saturated Fat: 4.0g
    Total Carbohydrates: 17.8g
    Sugar: 4.5g
    Dietary Fiber: 10.5g
    Protein: 22.5g

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