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Beet Sugar 1 Kg

Sugar Beet - Sugar beet, a 2-year agricultural plant from the spinach family, from which sugar is obtained from its fleshy root. Vegetative organs develop in 1 year and generative organs in 2nd year. Seeds are combined.

Its height varies between 85-180 cm depending on the place where it grows, climate and type. The European Union, USA and Russia take the top three places in world production. It is a commercial plant. 30% of sugar production in the world is obtained from sugar beet.

The structure of sugar beet consists of 4.5% cell tissue, 4.5% chemically bound water, 90.95% sap. The composition of beet juice consists of 15.18% sugar (sucrose), 1.0-1.6% other non-sugar organic substances, 0.8% inorganic salts. Turkey ranks 5th in world sugar beet production.[citation needed]

Beet Sugar 1 Kg

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  • BEET SUGAR Analytical characteristics (according to EU Sugars Directive 2001/111/EC) Sucrose: min. 99.70 % (polarimetric)

    Humidity: max. 0.06 %

    Invert sugar: max. 0.04 %

    Ash: max. 6 points, corresponding to max. 0.011 %

    Color type: max. 4 points, correspond to Braunschweiger color type 2.0 Color in solution: max. 3 points, correspond to 22.5 ICUMSA - units Total max. 8 points


    4. Chemical, physical and microbiological guide values



    Heavy metals: grain size

    < 10 mg/kg


    in accordance with the Foreign Substances and Ingredients Ordinance


    0.20 mm to 0.9 mm , for 90 weight%


    Bulk density

    820 – 880 g/dm3


    - Aerobic mesophilic total bacterial count

    - Yeasts

    - Molds

    - Enterobacteriaceae

    < 200 CFU/10g

    < 10 CFU/10g

    < 10 CFU/10g

    < 1 CFU/10g

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