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Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) is a 4-8 meter tall plant from the mallow family (Malvaceae) used to make chocolate.

Its natural habitat is South America, West Africa, West Indies, but it is grown throughout the Tropics. Cocoa seeds are used to make chocolate, as well as to obtain an alkaloid called theobromine and cocoa butter.


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  •                                                                   COCOA


    Free from undesirable odours and off-flavours (viz, Mouldy, Smoky, Acidic, objectionably Astringent). To be equal to previous accepted deliveries, consistent and characteristic of the product.


    Cut Test:

    Moudy beans - 5% maximum by count

    Slaty beans - 5% maximum by count

    Infested / Insect damaged

    - 3% maximum by count

    Germinated / Flat beans

    Bean Size Bean size is defined by the bean count and expressed

    by the number of beans per 100g. The bean count

    shall be 100 or less (Main crop).


    Extraneous matters - 1.00% maximum



    (typically) - 6.00% - 8.00%

    (typically) - 55.0% to 59.00% (in dry nib)

    Free Fatty acid level - 1.00% maximum


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