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icumsa 45


icumsa 45 sugar -Sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum) is a sugar-producing plant from the Poaceae family. It grows in warm regions. Sugar production cost is lower than beet. 70 percent of the world's sugar production is obtained from sugar cane. The largest production is Cuba with 15 percent. Cubans dip sugar cane into coffee. Cuba's national drink, rum, is produced from sugarcane. Pinar del Rio is the place where the most sugar cane is produced in Cuba. It was brought to Cuba by the Spaniards. It has spread from India to Europe. Ethanol extracted from sugarcane is used as fuel for cars in Brazil.

icumsa 45

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  • Sugar  attenuation index units method No: 4-1978


    Color-Sparking :                                                     Crystal White

    Polarization at :                                                     20 °C – 99.8 % min

    Solubility:                                                              %100 Dry free flowing

    Moisture :                                                               0.04 % maximum

    Sulphated Ash Coment :                                        0.04 % maximum

    Reducing Sugar:                                                     0.05 % maximum by weight

    As:                                                                          1 ppm maximum

    Os:                                                                          2 ppm maximum

    Cu:                                                                          3 ppm maximum

    Substance:                                                              Solid Crystal Solubility: 100 %  dry and free flowing

    Sediments:                                                              None

    Smell:                                                                      Free of any smell

    Granulation :                                                           ^^ Fine

    Magnetic Particles:                                                  4 mg/kg maximum

    SO2 :                                                                       20 ppm     maximum

    Radiation :                                                               Normal without presence of cesium or iodine: Certified

    Phytosenitary Certificate of No Radiation, no virus, no insect parts, husks, no poisonous matter and non genetic and is suitable for human consumption.

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