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Red Lentil

Red lentil

This lentil, which is skinless, has a high starch content. It should be cooked for 8 minutes for salads and 10 minutes for purees and soups.


Lentil (Lens culinaris) is one of the 4 species in the genus Lens in the legumes (Fabaceae) family. Although all the species in the lens genus are collectively referred to as "lentils" due to their lens shapes and edible seeds, Lens culinaris is the most commonly consumed lentil when it comes to "lentils".

Red Lentil

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    3+ mm

    Impurity ( max )

    0.1 %  

    Moisture ( max )

    12 %   

    Damaged ( max )

    0.1 %  

    Freign Matter  ( max ) 


    Unhusked Seeds ( max )


    Whole Seed     ( min )

    94%  football


    new crop

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