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Walnut Kernel 10 Kg

Walnut is the common name of tree species with single feathery leaves arranged opposite each other and aromatic scented tree species and the fruits of these trees in the Juglans genus of the Juglandaceae family.

They are trees that shed their leaves in winter. The pulp of young shoots should be divided. The buds are covered with a small number of scales. The margins of the leaflets are finely toothed in some species, while others are straight (full-edged). The number of leaflets varies between 5 and 23, depending on the species.

Flowers are a houseplant. Male flowers form lateral, drooping kitties on the previous year's shoots. Boards are not branched. Each male flower has 1 bract, 2 bracts and a peripheral leaf (calyx) with 3-4 lobes. Etamine number is 7-105. The female flowers, on the other hand, form upright 2-8 flowered poor boards in terminal (top) position at the ends of new shoots. The female flower has 1 bract, 2 bracts, and 4 lobed peripheral leaves. They are fused with the ovary, only their ends are free. The ovary is inferior; The fleshy thick 2 stigma is highly developed.

The inner part of the large stone juicy fruit that matures in autumn is divided into 2 parts. The seed is 2-lobed and oily.

The core of the wood is dark, the outside is light colored, it has woods that accept heavy and beautiful varnish.

Walnut Kernel 10 Kg

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     100g walnutkernels:

    Calories 663 kcal (2.738 kJ)
    Fat 64,0 g
    Protein 14,8 g
    Carbohydrates 13,7 g
    Mineral nutrients 1,9 g
    Vitamins 2,8 mg
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